Greening up roads and buildings

A Colorado bill proposes to add the global warming potential of materials used in buildings — and, in a national first, roads —in evaluating state funded projects.

Colorado’s decarbonization roadmap*

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis ran on a platform of a rapid decarbonization of electricity. Environmental groups say his administration isn’t moving quickly enough.

Colorado’s uncertain path to 2030

Colorado officials charged with substantially decarbonizing the state’s economy in the next 10 years are struggling with whether a set of smaller actions can get the job done. Or is something much bigger needed?

Colorado’s decarbonizing road trip

As Colorado chooses its path toward 50% decarbonization of its economy by 2030, all the paths involve the state’s regulation of electrical utilities. But there’s more than just closing down coal plants. That’s already underway.

Electric car sales and the expanding lily pond

Sales of electric vehicles have been increasing robustly in Colorado, leading one transportation analyst to cautiously predict that 20 percent of all cars, trucks and motorcycles could be electric by 2030.