No more closed doors at Tri-State G&T

A new law in Colorado gives electrical cooperatives some to-do’s and can-do’s. It also tells Tri-State G&T that meetings must be open to members, news media.

Two small victories for Tri-State G&T

Colorado-based wholesale supplier Tri-State G&T scored two small wins this week in cases involving dissident co-ops United Power and La Plata Electric.

Tri-State’s big win at PUC

Wholesale electrical provider Tri-State won an important ruling in its dispute with dissident member coops, but two overlapping elements remain to be resolved.

Electrical empires in Colorado

Xcel Energy and Tri-State G&T both are resisting losing chunks of their electrical empires in Colorado. Their nimbleness is at issue—and money, too.

Utilities and wildfire in Colorado

Grizzly Creek Fire

California has put a scare into Colorado utilities, but in a warming world more prone to wildfires, there’s already reason reason for utilities to be worried.

A shallow win for Tri-State

Tri-State Generation and Transmission gains a shallow victory in FERC order about jurisdiction, but the real story will be about legality of new members. At stake are exit fees of hundreds of million dollars—and perhaps the viability of Tri-State itself.

The cost of leaving Tri-State G&T

United Power sign

United Power would pay $234.8 million to leave Tri-State Generation & Transmission under a methodology recommended by an administrative law judge to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

Why Tri-State’s new policies don’t work for these two dissident members

Two of three biggest members of Tri-State Generation and Transmission say they’re very unhappy with the new policies that are purported to provide transparency and increase member flexibility. Together, the two co-ops by July will represent upwards of 25% of the total demand among the by-then 42 members of Tri-State.

Upheaval & Tension in Colorado

In 2006, directors of Delta-Montrose Electric were asked to commit to the middle of the 21st century to a coal plant to be built in the Kansas prairie. They had a different vision. More slowly, that wholesale provider, Tri-State Generation and Transmission, created a new vision, too, forced by the upheaval in the world of energy that is just now beginning.