Howard Geller’s energy mission

Utilities in Colorado and beyond have embraced energy efficiency in large part because of the work of Howard Geller’ and the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project.

Getting the EV infrastructure right

Xcel Energy will become a transportation company and Colorado’s decarbonization efforts will gain traction as a result of a plan about electric vehicles.

Xcel as a transportation company

As required by Colorado law, Xcel Energy has plans to heavily invest in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. one analyst says that the electric utility is, in effect, becoming a transportation company, too.

Menu of electrification options

Southwest Energy Efficiency Project has put together a menu of options for local jurisdictions that want to begin decarbonizing the building sector.

Electric car sales and the expanding lily pond

Sales of electric vehicles have been increasing robustly in Colorado, leading one transportation analyst to cautiously predict that 20 percent of all cars, trucks and motorcycles could be electric by 2030.

Howard Geller’s energy efficiency broccoli

Howard Geller preaches the gospel of energy efficiency, which is a little like trying to sell the virtues of broccoli. In Colorado, and other states of the Southwest, he’s having some success.