Paths to a 100% clean energy grid

What will it take to get to a 100% clean-energy grid? Mostly a matter of doing what is known, say 2 researchers. A study by 2 federal labs is more cautious.

Another solar farm on the renewable wall

Taos-based Kit Carson Electric in July began production from a solar farm near the Angle Fire ski area in northern New Mexico. Financed by Guzman Energy, the co-operative is pushing toward a goal of 100 percent renewable energy. It expects to meet daylight needs from renewable sources by 2022.

Game changers and other shifts in electrical services

Solar and wind soon will be competitive with fossil fuels without need of subsidies. They’re being integrated into existing systems at volumes thought impossible a decade ago. And the future is so incredibly bright—if only we get the new public policy right for electrical utilities.

Green buildings in Colorado

A panel focused on green buildings in Colorado idlingsi n Colorado agreed that Buildings are improving, becoming more comfortable but also more efficient in use of energy and water. How can this adoption of best technologies and designs be accelerated? “At the end of the day, hard results are the best education,” said Jeff Ackermann, director of the Colorado Energy Office.