Again the question about whether Lake Powell is doomed

A story in the Salt Lake Tribune again asks the question of whether Lake Powell has any real future in the warming, drying West. But a water expert suggests that it’s the wrong question. Could it be that Lake Mead is in the reservoir in trouble? What all can agree upon is that the changes in the Southwest must be made.

Climate change and the Yampa River

In late August, shortly before reservoir levels in the Colorado River Basin fell to their lowest levels in 50 years, a call was placed on the Yampa River, a reflection of the warming weather of the Colorado River Basin.

Yet another drought for the hard-working Colorado River

Runoff this year in the Colorado River peaked early and with marginal volumes after yet another lackluster winter of snow in many of its headwaters. A lot of years in the 21st century have been like that. Some think something else is going on.

Questions about dams posed by West’s shrinking snowpack

A new study finds declines at more than 90 percent of snow monitoring sites with long records across the western United States. The study dramatically reinforces earlier findings that pose fundamental questions about the adequacy of the West’s existing water infrastructure, policies, and institutions in a warming world.

Letting water flow down the Yampa to Lake Powell

irrigation at Colorado’s Carpenter Ranch along the Yampa River was suspended this year July 1, part of a pilot program in the Colorado River Basin intended to create greater flexibility in water in anticipation of drought.

Good intentions gone awry on the Colorado River

With Lake Mead rapidly drawing to a time when it can no longer provide the water committed to California, Arizona and Nevada, Brad Udall examines the thinking of politicians and policymakers in authorizing the Central Arizona Project in 1968.

Enough water for Glen Canyon Dam?

It’s a slim possibility,but with potentially huge consequences: What if Lake Powell next summer has too little water to generate electricity at Glen Canyon Dam?