Durango school bus has homework too

A Colorado electrical coop has embarked on a cutting edge project to learn how to use batteries to shave peak wholesale costs. A school bus has homework, too.

No more closed doors at Tri-State G&T

A new law in Colorado gives electrical cooperatives some to-do’s and can-do’s. It also tells Tri-State G&T that meetings must be open to members, news media.

How can Platte River hit 2030 goal?

Platte River Power Authority has is currently the decarbonization frontrunner among Colorado’s larger electrical utilities. But how can it get to 100% by 2030?

Comanche 3 under the microscope

Colorado regulators have signaled they want Xcel Energy to consider using securitization to advance retirement of Comanche 3, the West’s youngest coal plant.

Utilities and wildfire in Colorado

Grizzly Creek Fire

California has put a scare into Colorado utilities, but in a warming world more prone to wildfires, there’s already reason reason for utilities to be worried.