The next energy frontier

Candelas housing construction

After successes as a wind and then solar developer Eric Blank sees electrifying buildings as the next frontier. “It’s crazy to build 40,000 houses a year” in Colorado with natural gas infrastructure, he says.

Selling fear despite the evidence

The New York Times had a disturbing report that Republican strategists intend to sow fears of the cost of addressing emissions. The trouble is, the fears fly straight into the face of the available evidence.

FERC order leaves Tri-State dispute with its largest members in Colorado

The dispute that threatens to break apart Colorado’s second largest electrical supplier will likely be resolved in Colorado, not Washington D.C. Somehow, all sides in the case managed to proclaim success after reviewing the order from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission posted on March 20.

Delta-Montrose and Tri-State reach exit agreement

Tri-State Generation and Transmission reached agreement on an exit fee with one of its 43 member co-operatives, Delta-Montrose Electric. But what that figure is will remain a secret until next May 2020, when the sheets are formally split.

Why the excitement about accelerating changes in energy

In Colorado, Paonia remains a coal town, even if several mines have shut down. But those gathered at the Engage energy conference recently were looking to a future beyond coal. Many innovations are underway, said speakers, and more are afoot, with excitement clearly palpable.

Two rock stars of the climate change conversation

Katharine Hayhoe and Gina McCarthy have different ways of working the stage, but they have few peers in their abilities to hold an audience’s attention whether talking about the perils of climate change, the fast-paced energy transition, or why Donald Trump’s political imitation of an ostrich will surely fail.

Climate change optimism

A former Obama adviser says Trump’s effort to turn back the energy clock will fail because the train has left the station. He cites three reasons why.