Tri-State’s big win at PUC

Wholesale electrical provider Tri-State won an important ruling in its dispute with dissident member coops, but two overlapping elements remain to be resolved.

Why Tri-State’s new policies don’t work for these two dissident members

Two of three biggest members of Tri-State Generation and Transmission say they’re very unhappy with the new policies that are purported to provide transparency and increase member flexibility. Together, the two co-ops by July will represent upwards of 25% of the total demand among the by-then 42 members of Tri-State.

Dark side of the moon and climate change

Science had predicted all this with precision. None of us gathered along the barbed wire fences in Nebraska had doubted it. But why so little faith in climate science?

The real war of electrical co-ops

If there was ever an argument for a transition to a 21st-century energy infrastructure, look no further than our current challenges with the economies that have been built on the backs of the Colorado River.