Xcel as a transportation company

As required by Colorado law, Xcel Energy has plans to heavily invest in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. one analyst says that the electric utility is, in effect, becoming a transportation company, too.

One or two EV users a month just fine

Meeker charging station

Almost an hour from an interstate highway, Meeker, Colo., has a high-speed charger that has ben getting used only once a month. And that was before the pandemic. Still, that’s OK with White River Electric, which sees electric vehicles being the wave of the future.

Colorado looks to join California’s electric vehicle program

A Colorado Air Quality Control Commission decision will likely result in Colorado joining a program designed to accelerate adoption of electric vehicles. It’s yet another lever being pushed by the Polis administration and legislative allies in an ambitious effort to drive down greenhouse gas emissions.

How electric cars may transform the grid in Colorado

Holy Cross Energy has offered incentives for homeowners in the Aspen-Vail-Glenwood Springs area to install EV chargers at homes. It’s the first step in the rethinking of the grid, with evs potentially playing a role in storage of renewable energy.

A powerful EV push from Colorado’s new governor

The first executive order of Gov Jared Polis puts real muscle into Colorado’s push toward vehicle electrification. It’s also acknowledges the deep, deep cuts that climate scientists say we must make in our carbon consumption.

How mountain co-ops lead the way on electric vehicles

Two Colorado electrical co-operatives based in mountain towns have set out to build interest in electric vehicles. In Gunnison County, co-op members have the opportunity to borrow an EV for a week. In the Vail-Aspen area, Holy Cross plan to install faster-chargers to aid commuters interested in EVs.

Electric car sales and the expanding lily pond

Sales of electric vehicles have been increasing robustly in Colorado, leading one transportation analyst to cautiously predict that 20 percent of all cars, trucks and motorcycles could be electric by 2030.