Energy gleanings from Colorado

Solar farms in the works near Delta, Fort Collins and Pueblo, Jigar Shah shares thoughts on scaling the energy transition, CORE makes case to Aspen.

Upheaval & Tension in Colorado

In 2006, directors of Delta-Montrose Electric were asked to commit to the middle of the 21st century to a coal plant to be built in the Kansas prairie. They had a different vision. More slowly, that wholesale provider, Tri-State Generation and Transmission, created a new vision, too, forced by the upheaval in the world of energy that is just now beginning.

Delta-Montrose and Tri-State reach exit agreement

Tri-State Generation and Transmission reached agreement on an exit fee with one of its 43 member co-operatives, Delta-Montrose Electric. But what that figure is will remain a secret until next May 2020, when the sheets are formally split.

Colorado PUC commissioner grills Tri-State lawyer

Questions were sharp, anger barely concealed, as Colorado PUC commissioner Frances Koncilja grilled a lawyer representing Tri-State Generation and Transmission on Friday morning about Tri-States decision a few days prior to seek regulation by a federal agency, possibly bypassing Colorado.

Tensions rise as Tri-State seeks a regulatory pivot

Colorado legislators scold Tri-State about an effort to move rate regulation to Washington —which would also let a federal agency determine the fair and reasonable exit fee for Delta-Montrose Electric, bypassing the Colorado PUC.

Why does Tri-State want regulation in Washington?

Tri-State Generation and Transmission managers propose federal review over rates, which they say make sense given the G&T’s four-state operating area. But Delta-Montrose Electric, which is embroiled in a divorce dispute with Tri-State, see another motive.

Why the excitement about accelerating changes in energy

In Colorado, Paonia remains a coal town, even if several mines have shut down. But those gathered at the Engage energy conference recently were looking to a future beyond coal. Many innovations are underway, said speakers, and more are afoot, with excitement clearly palpable.

Will co-ops in southwestern Colorado stay with Tri-State?

Tri-State Generation & Transmission boasts of having the most solar generation of any G&T in the United States. But whether it’s shifting to renewables adn allow enough local generation has become a central issue with several of the 43 member cooperatives.

A time of inflection for rural America’s energy paradigms

Kansas last year finally awarded a permit for a coal-fired power plant to serve customers in Colorado mountain towns and elsewhere, but it will never get built. As twilight arrives in the era of large, coal plants closes, its an open question whether wholesale suppliers will remain relevant for rural America.