When the coal plants finally close

Craig Station concept shot

Colorado’s Just Transition Advisory Committee draft plan calls for benefits for displaced workers as coal mines and plants in Colorado’s Yampa Valley, but it has no answers for the local school districts who will lose significant property tax assessments.

Colorado aims for Just Transition

Colorado in 2019 adopted a law calling for a “just transition” for workers and communities impacted by the transition from coal. State officials heard testimony just before the dark curtain of covid fell, slowing but not stopping the planning.

A time of inflection for rural America’s energy paradigms

Kansas last year finally awarded a permit for a coal-fired power plant to serve customers in Colorado mountain towns and elsewhere, but it will never get built. As twilight arrives in the era of large, coal plants closes, its an open question whether wholesale suppliers will remain relevant for rural America.

Global warming and a cold morning in Colorado

Colder even than a banker’s heart: a 61-below morning in Colorado by Allen Best Cold temperatures of early January had me digging deep into my dresser drawers for long johns. I’ve rarely worn them since the late 1990s, when I moved to metropolitan Denver. In my younger days, I sometimes wore a red union suit …

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