Xcel Energy stands by Comanche 3

Colorado’s newest coal plant has been a dog, but Xcel Energy says it should stay open until 2040, a crucial component of the company;’s decarbonization plan.

A nudge, not a shove

Three Colroado coal plants must retire by the end of 2028, a year earlier than the utilities planned, the state’s Air Quality Control Commission has ruled. Still to be decided: Hayden units 1 and 2.

Comanche 3 under the microscope

Colorado regulators have signaled they want Xcel Energy to consider using securitization to advance retirement of Comanche 3, the West’s youngest coal plant.

Retire Colorado’s newest coal plant?

When Comanche 3 began producing electricity in 2010, the coal-burning unit at Pueblo, Colo., was projected to continue operations to 2070. Now, it’s an open question whether it will continue operations beyond 2030.

How Holy Cross Energy intends to decarbonize its power

Colorado’s Holy Cross Energy has plans for getting to a 70 percent carbon-free electrical portfolio by 2030. It involves building on existing relationships while developing local renewable generation. But somehow it must figure out out what to do with its ownership in one of the nation’s newest coal-fired power plants.