Time to think beyond oil and gas?

A BlueGreen Alliance report documents the giant growth of the oil and gas sectors in Colorado and New Mexico—and why it’s time to plan for the inevitable bust.

How can Platte River hit 2030 goal?

Platte River Power Authority has is currently the decarbonization frontrunner among Colorado’s larger electrical utilities. But how can it get to 100% by 2030?

The next energy frontier

Candelas housing construction

After successes as a wind and then solar developer Eric Blank sees electrifying buildings as the next frontier. “It’s crazy to build 40,000 houses a year” in Colorado with natural gas infrastructure, he says.

Getting a grip on Colorado’s emissions

Colorado had adopted rules governing collection of emissions. Some of it is easy enough, other things also impossible to quantify. But has the state moved too slowly? Time to seize the coronavirus—and climate—moment?

Why Tri-State’s new policies don’t work for these two dissident members

Two of three biggest members of Tri-State Generation and Transmission say they’re very unhappy with the new policies that are purported to provide transparency and increase member flexibility. Together, the two co-ops by July will represent upwards of 25% of the total demand among the by-then 42 members of Tri-State.

Quiet is the sweet spot amid this tragedy

Olde Town Arvada during the pandemic

This may be the sweet spot of tragedy in my world, the calm before the pandemic storm. I’ve not lost loved ones or even liked ones. I may yet. But, for a time at least, the world has slowed down and quieted. Cars and trucks, always self-important, have diminished their intrusive presence. Can we hope for a new, more discerning normal after this is over?

Limiting light pollution in mountain towns

Canmore, at the entrance to Banff National Park, has been pushing back on the intensity of lighting that he utility company wants in street lights. The International Dark Sky Association cites studies that find lesser light is effective and also more healthy. And in Colorado, the San Juan Mountain towns of Ouray and Ridgway also hope to curb light pollution and retain a night sky that includes the Milky Way.

The new push for recycling and reusing water in Colorado

Water reuse was a strong theme at the Water int he West Symposium, a sort-of coming out conferences for the new partnership between Denver Water and Colorado State University. The two institutions plan a Water Resources Center at the site of the National Western Stock Show complex near downtown Denver.

Two rock stars of the climate change conversation

Katharine Hayhoe and Gina McCarthy have different ways of working the stage, but they have few peers in their abilities to hold an audience’s attention whether talking about the perils of climate change, the fast-paced energy transition, or why Donald Trump’s political imitation of an ostrich will surely fail.