What Reagan got wrong

Ronald Reagan had it wrong, said Jeff Ackermann in departing the Colorado PUC after 4 years as chairman. There is a valuable and honorable role of regulation.

Getting the EV infrastructure right

Xcel Energy will become a transportation company and Colorado’s decarbonization efforts will gain traction as a result of a plan about electric vehicles.

Two small victories for Tri-State G&T

Colorado-based wholesale supplier Tri-State G&T scored two small wins this week in cases involving dissident co-ops United Power and La Plata Electric.

Eric Blank appointed to PUC

Eric Blank has been appointed to chair the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, which has a central role in the state’s decarbonizing of its economy.

A new era for Tri-State

Colorado’s second biggest electrical utility will soon identify its path to 80% reduced emissions by 2030. Surely this map will include Arizona and Wyoming.

Who’s next at Colorado PUC?

Who will replace Jeffrey Ackermann as chairman of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, an agency with a vital role in Colorado’s decarbonization agenda?

A shallow win for Tri-State

Tri-State Generation and Transmission gains a shallow victory in FERC order about jurisdiction, but the real story will be about legality of new members. At stake are exit fees of hundreds of million dollars—and perhaps the viability of Tri-State itself.

Colorado’s natural gas pivot

Colorado begins a conversation about limiting natural gas in new construction as necessary for the state to meet its carbon reduction goals.

The cost of leaving Tri-State G&T

United Power sign

United Power would pay $234.8 million to leave Tri-State Generation & Transmission under a methodology recommended by an administrative law judge to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

Solar more expensive than necessary?

In renewable generation, as in grocery shopping, prices do matter. This former NREL researcher makes the case that Colorado utilities should not be forced to grab some expensive solar when cheaper solar can be had.