Colorado’s debate about natural gas

For now, Colorado will be more like California than Arizona in allowing towns, cities and counties to limit extension of natural gas to new buildings. But the talking points at a recent legislative committee were revealing.

Can Colorado negotiate these steeps?

A gap exists between Colorado”s decarbonization goals and its clear path to achieving them. How about cap-and-trade? Too many problems, a state board decided.

Natural gas questions and tensions

Tension has been rising around the role of natural gas. A new Sierra Club report counters a push by a utilities in California about “renewable natural gas.” Colorado’s oil and gas sectors hopes to quash local natural gas bans with an initiative on the November ballot.

Dark side of the moon and climate change

Science had predicted all this with precision. None of us gathered along the barbed wire fences in Nebraska had doubted it. But why so little faith in climate science?