How mountain co-ops lead the way on electric vehicles

Two Colorado electrical co-operatives based in mountain towns have set out to build interest in electric vehicles. In Gunnison County, co-op members have the opportunity to borrow an EV for a week. In the Vail-Aspen area, Holy Cross plan to install faster-chargers to aid commuters interested in EVs.

Colorado climate compact moves ahead in Denver suburb

The Compact of Colorado Communities was birthed a year ago in climate-change activism in Aspen. But for its coming out party, a suburban location in metro Denver was chosen. Even so, some people believe such discussions are better held without mention of climate change or clean energy.

Mountain lions cause scare in Colorado

The shadows of Colorado mountain towns have become more suspect this winter since dogs in Vail, Steamboat Springs, and other towns have been killed by the big cats variously called mountain lions, cougars, and pumas.