Rising temperatures and changing forests

Fire and insect epidemics have dramatically reshaped some forests in the Rocky Mountains in recent years. Buckle up, because the changes are almost certain to accelerate. That’s the bottom line of a new report called “Rocky Mountain Forests at Risk.”

The real war of electrical co-ops

If there was ever an argument for a transition to a 21st-century energy infrastructure, look no further than our current challenges with the economies that have been built on the backs of the Colorado River.

Tools for imagining local climate changes

To make global climate change more local and personal, Dr. Brian Enquist and his partners are developing ways to allow viewers to see effects of warming temperatures on their local forests

Cleaning the carbon house in Aspen

Aspen reports it is ahead of schedule in its efforts to decarbonize municipal operations. But the local community is really no better than the U.S. as a whole.

Razor’s edge on the Colorado River

News of reduced releases from Lake Powell downstream was not surprising. Water experts for years have warned with growing alarm of the razor’s edge between supply and demand. Bull’s eye is Las Vegas, whose chief water manager, Pat Mulroy, continues to call for new ways of looking at water in the West.

Telluride Mountainfilm’s lesser-of-evils energy discussion

Spurred by a concern about global warming, Tim DeChristopher served 21 months in federal prison. He tried to argue that his action was the lesser of two evils. But is nuclear energy the lesser of two evils. A report from the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival.