A deep rethink of the Colorado River

A new normal on the Colorado River? Think again, say authors of a new white paper. They say water managers need to be thinking much drier, a new abnormal.

Are there rivers beyond the Colorado?

A scientist who co-wrote a book about the Colorado River, what he calls the charismatic megafauna of Western rivers, calls for more attention to other rivers, too.

Boulder’s fork in the road

Climate advocates, eager to accelerate the push for clean energy, are divided over whether to cut a deal or continue a complex process to form their own utility.

Utilities and wildfire in Colorado

Grizzly Creek Fire

California has put a scare into Colorado utilities, but in a warming world more prone to wildfires, there’s already reason reason for utilities to be worried.

Ruminating on water and energy

Colorado and the West have plenty of reasons to talk about both energy and water, but usually those conversations occur in separate rooms. An attempt to bring them together by historian Patty Limerick had much the same result, as she herself acknowledged.

Skiing and climate urgency

A new, more muscular tone about climate change is evident in the National Ski Areas Association’s official magazine. Now is the time to elevate the dialogue, says the lead article.