Barriers to building electrification

Electrification of buildings makes sense for several reasons. What’s holding up the show? A new report lays out barriers and potential solutions in Colorado.

Menu of electrification options

Southwest Energy Efficiency Project has put together a menu of options for local jurisdictions that want to begin decarbonizing the building sector.

The next energy frontier

Candelas housing construction

After successes as a wind and then solar developer Eric Blank sees electrifying buildings as the next frontier. “It’s crazy to build 40,000 houses a year” in Colorado with natural gas infrastructure, he says.

Replacing natural gas in Denver

A climate task force in Denver urges elected officials to seize the moment to accelerate the drive to remove natural gas from the built environment.

Cost and comfort emphasized instead of climate as natural gas lines stubbed

Building electrification has started to take off in Colorado. A developer of the North Vista Highlands project at Pueblo has decided against installing natural gas lines into the 4,850-unit site. In Boulder and Boulder County, electric buildings are a crucial step toward climate action goals. But the jurisdictions emphasize comfort, not climate.

The future of energy illustrated by Basalt Vista

If Colorado is to meet its greenhouse gas goals, use of natural gas and propane will have to be vastly reduced in the building sector. An affordable housing complex with 27 units called Basalt Vista shows what this low-carbon future might look like.