Yet another drought for the hard-working Colorado River

Runoff this year in the Colorado River peaked early and with marginal volumes after yet another lackluster winter of snow in many of its headwaters. A lot of years in the 21st century have been like that. Some think something else is going on.

Making snow in Aspen when there’s less cold weather

Aspen had a hard time making snow last fall. Temperatures were just too warm. Temperatures are clearly rising in the American Southwest, and an EPA study projects temperature rises for hundreds of ski areas across the country. Snowmaking consultant Robin Smith says if many ski areas are to survive, they will need to invest in new technology to maximize windows of cold temperature that will narrow in coming decades.

The new push for recycling and reusing water in Colorado

Water reuse was a strong theme at the Water int he West Symposium, a sort-of coming out conferences for the new partnership between Denver Water and Colorado State University. The two institutions plan a Water Resources Center at the site of the National Western Stock Show complex near downtown Denver.

Questions about dams posed by West’s shrinking snowpack

A new study finds declines at more than 90 percent of snow monitoring sites with long records across the western United States. The study dramatically reinforces earlier findings that pose fundamental questions about the adequacy of the West’s existing water infrastructure, policies, and institutions in a warming world.