Aspen takes step toward divestment

Aspen doesn’t have the financial bulk of New York or even Denver, but it “wants to put its money where its mouth is,” and that’s not in fossil fuels.

Big ideas and the harsh deadline of climate change

Amory Lovins and Wes Jackson both launched their big ideas in 1976, the first about energy and the second about agriculture. At this year’s Prairie Festival in Kansas, they smacked up against Bill McKibben description of the immediacy of climate change.

Emissions reductions and the struggles of Aspen and Whistler

Neither Aspen nor Whistler will meet their 2020 targets for greenhouse gas reductions. But scientists say we need to drive down emissions even more rapidly to avoid the worst impacts of a rapidly changing climate. There are reasons for hope, but Bill McKibben reminds us that time for action is now.