The future of energy illustrated by Basalt Vista

If Colorado is to meet its greenhouse gas goals, use of natural gas and propane will have to be vastly reduced in the building sector. An affordable housing complex with 27 units called Basalt Vista shows what this low-carbon future might look like.

Much discussion (and cussin’) of Ikon Pass

Snow has been plentiful, and so have been riders at resorts of the West. At some resorts, there’s been (new) grumbling about all those damned tourists! Especially those bearing the new Ikon Pass offered this season by Alterra Mountain Co. Excerpts from reports in Aspen/Snowmass and Jackson Hole.

Can Aspen Skiing Co. tip climate balance in U.S. Senate?

With its winter advertising campaign, the Aspen Skiing Co. audaciously seeks to tip the scales of the U.S. Senate toward climate change action. The campaign urges grassroots communication with several on-the-fence Republican senators that the company believes are “moveable.”

Making snow in Aspen when there’s less cold weather

Aspen had a hard time making snow last fall. Temperatures were just too warm. Temperatures are clearly rising in the American Southwest, and an EPA study projects temperature rises for hundreds of ski areas across the country. Snowmaking consultant Robin Smith says if many ski areas are to survive, they will need to invest in new technology to maximize windows of cold temperature that will narrow in coming decades.

Aspen’s use of the bully pulpit to preach and persuade

As chief executive of the Aspen Skiing Co., Mike Kaplan has used his company’s prominence to inveigh into many issues, from gay rights to climate change. But not int he ski world see this as necessarily a good thing. A newspaper columnist in California (and formerly of Vail) finds its “preachy.”

Can Whistler workers get union feet into Vail’s door

Vail Resorts has done phenomenally well since it became publicly owned in the late 1990s. But have employees benefited to the same degree? Of course not. Ski instructors at Whistler now hope to achieve what those at Beaver Creek failed to do several years ago. Here’s what they’re up against.

Building climate bridges, not walls

Instead of hurling the epithet “climate denier” across the wall, the climate change movement needs to more assiduously build bridges to middle America.

Aspen Skiing Co.’s two new Limelight hotels

Vail parties join Aspen Skiing to finish project Base Village at Snowmass SNOWMASS VILLAGE, Colo. — A deal has been struck that will likely yield the long-delayed completion of Base Village, the major upgrade to Snowmass. But while that’s big news in the Aspen community, what makes the deal more unusual is the coalition of businesses …

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The murkiness of voluntary RECs

Credit Telluride with busting its butt to decarbonize municipal and eventually community functions. But did purchase of $18,250 worth of RECs from the Ridgway hydroelectric unit really achieve it?

High-flying at Whitefish Mountain Resort

Whitefish Mountain Resort got more aggressive after the resort’s ownership became private in 2006-2007. The new owners have invested heavily in both the winter and summer products. But it’s a somewhat different crowd than arrives for skiing and snow riding.