Aspen’s renewable bet pays off

In the 1990s, when Aspen Electric began investing in renewable energy, others were skeptical. It’s been at 100 percent renewables for several years, and now the costs are dropping. Residential electric rates in Aspen are already among the lowest in Colorado.

Dark side of the moon and climate change

Science had predicted all this with precision. None of us gathered along the barbed wire fences in Nebraska had doubted it. But why so little faith in climate science?

Aspen Electric joins the most exclusive of groups

Aspen Electric has joined the most elite of clubs, utilities with 100 percent renewable portfolios. It joins salt-of-the-earth Greensburg, Kan., and earthy progressive Burlington, Vt. But a great many other municipalities have started down the same path.

The murkiness of voluntary RECs

Credit Telluride with busting its butt to decarbonize municipal and eventually community functions. But did purchase of $18,250 worth of RECs from the Ridgway hydroelectric unit really achieve it?