The day two aging baby boomers became suspects while on a Sunday afternoon drive to Pawnee Buttes

Out for a Sunday afternoon ride in early February, two aging baby boomers unexpectedly came across drilling and oil and gas extraction among the bucolic rangelands of Eastern Colorado. Looking to take photographs, they became suspects and advised that public roads weren’t exactly public. Such have been the rising tensions in the growing tension around fossil fuel extraction.

Another solar farm on the renewable wall

Taos-based Kit Carson Electric in July began production from a solar farm near the Angle Fire ski area in northern New Mexico. Financed by Guzman Energy, the co-operative is pushing toward a goal of 100 percent renewable energy. It expects to meet daylight needs from renewable sources by 2022.

Electric car sales and the expanding lily pond

Sales of electric vehicles have been increasing robustly in Colorado, leading one transportation analyst to cautiously predict that 20 percent of all cars, trucks and motorcycles could be electric by 2030.

Wildlife overpasses in Colorado yield fewer carcasses

Far fewer deer carcasses along Highway 9 after several new crossings by Allen Best KREMMLING, Colo. — When Colorado wildlife biologists drove along Highway 9 between Silverthorne and Kremmling during the 2015-16 winter, they found far fewer carcasses of mule deer than had normally been the case. In a 5-mile segment where 30 were usually …

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How can coal communities cushion the landing?

Coal is skidding, and more is to come. What can communities do to prepare? by Allen Best Coal communities have shed jobs for more than a century. More are certain to be lost as the fuel loses favor because of its rising cost compared to natural gas and renewables. Plus, there are the unsavory environmental …

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