Wyoming energy gleanings

Constitutional scholar takes dim view of Wyoming legal strategy; lower Btu Powder River coal struggles for markets; new hope for carbon capture and storage.

Paths to a 100% clean energy grid

What will it take to get to a 100% clean-energy grid? Mostly a matter of doing what is known, say 2 researchers. A study by 2 federal labs is more cautious.

Colorado energy gleanings

Aspen wants to squeeze energy from buildings, Delta-Montrose Electric shows improved bottom line, Pueblo County resident frets about solar heat-island effect.

Greening up roads and buildings

A Colorado bill proposes to add the global warming potential of materials used in buildings — and, in a national first, roads —in evaluating state funded projects.

Energy gleanings from Colorado

Solar farms in the works near Delta, Fort Collins and Pueblo, Jigar Shah shares thoughts on scaling the energy transition, CORE makes case to Aspen.