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The challenge of job losses in coal communities

How will towns like Gillette, located in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin, transition as coal-related jobs disappear. Reports from Colorado, Montana and Wyoming were shared at a recent conference. Continue reading

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Kirk Johnson’s best place on Earth

The Smithsonian’s Kirk Johnson says Wyoming’s Bighorn Basin is the best place on Earth to understand the history of our planet. But his family history is plenty interesting, too. Continue reading

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Idea of carbon tax gets respectful audience

The idea of a market-based solutions to greenhouse gas emissions espoused by former congressman Bob Inglis resonates even in carbon-heavy Wyoming. Continue reading

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Can cloud-seeding ride to the rescue?

Can’t technology save us from the hard edges of aridity in the American Southwest? In the case of cloud-seeding, the answer seems to be no, a well-funded and extensive experiment in Wyoming suggests. Continue reading

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