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At the edge in the Colorado River headwaters

Nothing can be quite so delightful as the first trickle of a great river. A report from the headwaters of a Colorado River tributary on the edge of spring. Continue reading

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Roiling, roaring runoff of mountain water

The exquisite roar of roiling water in mountain creeks and rivers by Allen Best It’s that exquisite time of year in the Rocky Mountains when winter dissolves into summer and snow into water, roiling and roaring in the annual runoff … Continue reading

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Colorado’s vanishing glaciers

Colorado has few glaciers, and they’re small. Soon, they will likely vanish, report researchers after observing the decline of ice in Arikaree Glacier. Continue reading

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Tilting the table of Colorado’s water geography

Transmountain diversions from Colorado’s Western Slope to cities and farms east of the Continental Divide range from 450,000 to 600,000 acre-feet a year
Exactly how much water is that? Continue reading

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Razor’s edge on the Colorado River

News of reduced releases from Lake Powell downstream was not surprising. Water experts for years have warned with growing alarm of the razor’s edge between supply and demand. Bull’s eye is Las Vegas, whose chief water manager, Pat Mulroy, continues to call for new ways of looking at water in the West. Continue reading

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Defying gravity in Colorado

The easy gravity-flow water-delivery systems in Colorado have mostly been done. Now, new projects for Aurora and Colorado Springs illustrate a new era when water truly flows uphill to money in a nexus of water and energy. By Allen Best … Continue reading

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