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Three principles of climate change politics

In turns cheerful and stern, former U.S. Sen. Tim Wirth shared what about our energy story terrifies him and what makes him eager to get up in the morning. Continue reading

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The squeeze on global resources

Does the planet have the oil and other resources to support 9 billion people? Former Colorado state geologist Vince Matthews argues we should be worried. Continue reading

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Colorado environmental benefits of electric cars

Electric cars remain scarce in Colorado, but governments and advocacy groups have been installing charging stations in anticipation of rapid growth in sales. Electric cars, they say, can reduce ground-level ozone, dependency on foreign energy sources, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Continue reading

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Fracking, drilling, and the natural gas bonanza

Fracking has been done since the 1940s. Safe, proven technology, right? But the fracking today isn’t the same as that of your grandfather, says Dr. Bernard Goldstein. Like other speakers in the Center of the American West’s FrackingSense series, he argues for a more patient rollout of drilling into shale formations than the drill here, drill now cheerleading of recent years. Continue reading

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