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How a town’s terrorist became an American anti-hero

Marvin Heemeyer’s bulldozer had barely cooled after his 2004 pillaging of a Colorado mountain town before some people had proclaimed him a hero for exacting revenge on those who had done him wrong. Patrick Brower, who was there at almost every step of the way, refutes this false narrative in his book “Killdozer.” Continue reading

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Patrick Brower on why “Killdozer” operator was no hero

In his new book, “Killdozer,” Patrick Brower recounts the 2004 bulldozer rampage that left 13 buildings in a Colorado mountain town badly damaged or razed, including that of the newspaper office where he worked. He talks about writing Killdozer and why some people wrongly persist in seeing the dozer operator as a hero. Continue reading

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Tom Hale remembered as crafty, capable contributor

With roots in Puritan New England, Tom Hale arrived in the Colorado Rockies in the 1960s, first Aspen, then Telluride, where he became the first of the newcomers elected to local positions. hHe later managed two mountain towns and administered a mountain county. He is remembered as capable and crafty, somebody who got things done. Continue reading

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Granby’s wounds 10 years after the day of bulldozer terror

The Colorado mountain town of Granby on June 4 remembered, but did not celebrate, the day that it was in the national spotlight. Even now, wounds remain from Marvin Heemeyer’s strange and terrible revenge on his neighbors. Continue reading

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On the dark side of paradise

People who live in mountain towns tend to view their towns as exceptional places. In many ways they are. But great expectations can turn sour, even poisonous as the internal geography of the human soul just does not match up to the physical geography.
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