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The warming Arctic and our weird weather here

How weird, extreme weather here may be caused by the warming Arctic by Allen Best The big winter in California—and, before that, four years of not much snow? The big and repeated snows in Boston several years ago? They, along with … Continue reading

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Squaw tinkers with extreme ski season

California’s Squaw Valley plays with an improbable ski season. And one climate scientist say this record precipitation is partly the result of global warming.
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Global warming and a cold morning in Colorado

Colder even than a banker’s heart: a 61-below morning in Colorado by Allen Best Cold temperatures of early January had me digging deep into my dresser drawers for long johns. I’ve rarely worn them since the late 1990s, when I … Continue reading

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Drought in Colorado River Basin best explained by temperatures

You must invoke temperature to explain the current Colorado River drought, says the Colorado Water institute’s Brad Udall about the intersection of water and global warming.

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Climate change politics after Paris deconstructed

The politics of climate change and energy, both national and international, were sorted out in a delightful panel discussion at the University of Colorado Boulder. And then there was some bluster, too.
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Vail looks beyond Baby Boomers

Vail’s elected officials study demographic trends, global warming predictions and other statistics as they try to prepare for a life and economy after Baby Boomers. Continue reading

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Randy Udall and the energy that has made us all gods

The late Randy Udall was blunt, contrarian, thoughtful, methodical, colorful — and had a riveting message about the fossil fuels that he said allowed mere mortals to live lives not just of royalty, but of the very gods themselves. Continue reading

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