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Why the push to allow pollution and waste?

What a loopy cause for Republicans in Congress to get behind: the right to pollute and waste a valuable resource. That was the crux issue of the methane debate. Continue reading

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White House beach-front property

Immutable laws of physics govern our warming climate, but as humans we have free will, says climate scientist Jim White, a self-described evangelical Christian. The climate crisis can be solved, he says, but that’s just a training exercise for the much greater challenge facing civilization.
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Does leaving doors open at stores waste good energy?

Both Banff and Aspen, places that both pride themselves on their environmental credentials, have decided that open doors aren’t a problem, even when it’s very cold outside. Continue reading

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Three principles of climate change politics

In turns cheerful and stern, former U.S. Sen. Tim Wirth shared what about our energy story terrifies him and what makes him eager to get up in the morning. Continue reading

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Randy Udall and the energy that has made us all gods

The late Randy Udall was blunt, contrarian, thoughtful, methodical, colorful — and had a riveting message about the fossil fuels that he said allowed mere mortals to live lives not just of royalty, but of the very gods themselves. Continue reading

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