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Does Tony Seba wax too optimistic about technology?

Tony Seba predicts technological disruption in 2020 or 2021 in electric
and autonomous vehicles, solar energy and energy storage. Can he possibly be right? Continue reading

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Tesla beats electric path to ski towns

Tesla is creating a “gallery” in Aspen this winter and installing fast-charging stations in out-of-the-way but high-end places. Continue reading

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Parking lots or parks and other transportation choices

Fewer and fewer young people have been getting drivers license even as car-sharing gains strength. Southwest Energy Efficiency Project’s Will Toor ponders implications of transportation changes on land uses. Continue reading

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Tony Seba’s startling view of market disruptions

Tony Seba has a dramatic way of showing powerful market disruption caused by new technology, business models or both. And we’re on the cusp of something similar in energy, he says. Continue reading

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Charging stations along I-70

Tesla this week plans to open charging stations along the I-70 corridor in Colorado for its Model S cars. Charging stations for other electric cars are also being installed in Breckenridge, with other locations perhaps to follow. Continue reading

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Colorado environmental benefits of electric cars

Electric cars remain scarce in Colorado, but governments and advocacy groups have been installing charging stations in anticipation of rapid growth in sales. Electric cars, they say, can reduce ground-level ozone, dependency on foreign energy sources, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Continue reading

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