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Insights on net-zero energy homes in Colorado

Architects explain challenge and successes of net-zero energy home building in Colorado and what is needed to replicate these successes. Continue reading

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White House beach-front property

Immutable laws of physics govern our warming climate, but as humans we have free will, says climate scientist Jim White, a self-described evangelical Christian. The climate crisis can be solved, he says, but that’s just a training exercise for the much greater challenge facing civilization.
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China climate pact a good step not a swindle

Chuck Kutscher’s PowerPoint presentation to the Colorado Renewable Energy Society about climate change was a 90-minute roller coaster of hope and despair, rich with detail and telling images. Continue reading

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Bill Becker’s climate optimism

Bill Becker was equal parts worried and cheerful when he spoke to the Jefferson County chapter of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society. We need rapid transition, and the United States must lead. But he sees the emergence of common ground. Continue reading

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