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Building climate bridges, not walls

Instead of hurling the epithet “climate denier” across the wall, the climate change movement needs to more assiduously build bridges to middle America.
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Hot air, defeat of carbon tax and Katharine Hayhoe

Record heat again this year in addition to election hot air. Washington state voters defeat a carbon tax. And Katharine Hayhoe shares her insights.
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Making snow illustrates need for carbon tax

A California ski resort summer snowmaking fanned outrage by climate change activists. Should it? Why not let the carbon tax decide what’s outrageous? Continue reading

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Mountain mayors and the carbon tax

Mayors of Banff and Canmore have endorsed Alberta’s adoption of a carbon tax similar to the tax in British Columbia. Continue reading

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Why Carbondale’s carbon tax failed

Why voters left the C02 in Carbondale by Allen Best It wasn’t even close. Voters in Carbondale, one of the most progressive towns in Colorado said no, absolutely not, to a proposed carbon tax. The vote on April 5 was … Continue reading

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Carbondale carbon tax

If residents approve in April, the former coal-mining town of Carbondale, Colo., will become one of the first U.S. municipalities to adopt a carbon tax. Continue reading

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Road after Paris climate agreement

In a session called the Road after Paris, four Coloradans told inside stories from the climate change negotiations but agreed that the hard work now returns to state and local governments.
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Idea of carbon tax gets respectful audience

The idea of a market-based solutions to greenhouse gas emissions espoused by former congressman Bob Inglis resonates even in carbon-heavy Wyoming. Continue reading

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Pricing carbon emissions in Canada and the United States

British Columbia has a tax on carbon emissions, and it seems to have worked well there. How will the United States tax emissions of carbon dioxide? Through a cap-and-trade system or, as Citizens Climate Lobby advocates, a “carbon fee and dividend?” Continue reading

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The climate optimism of Tim Wirth

At the American Renewable Energy Day conference, an upbeat Tim Wirth predicted great success at the Paris climate change negotiations in Paris during December, but said he sees two major questions beyond Paris. Continue reading

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