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The day that Breckenridge got lucky

Breckenridge was full of people the day last summer that fire erupted in the nearby Tenmile Range. “It was scary. It was so close,” says one local resident. Continue reading

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January storms a challenge in mountain towns

Prodigious storms both thrilling and a challenge for mountain towns by Allen Best CRESTED BUTTE, Colo. – Jim Schmidt, a former mayor of Crested Butte, has been shoveling snow there for 40 years. Sunday was the first day in three weeks this … Continue reading

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Vail Resorts and the trademark control at Vail, Breckenridge

Vail Resorts exerts trademark control in Vail and Breckenridge, but not in the same way as in Park City. Continue reading

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Vail Resorts and Park City trademark

The honeymoon was over and this was the first big fight as the Park City community put its foot down, saying the Vail trademark filing was just unacceptable. Continue reading

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Vail’s caution about cannabis

While Aspen and Telluride allow cannabis retail stores in prime locations, others want to keep them at bay. Vail looks to keep them entirely out of town. It’s a matter of the municipal brand. Continue reading

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Exiled from Main Street in Breckenridge

Why did slightly counter-cultural Breckenridge boot cannabis off Main Street and into the “green-light district?” Most —but not all—other Colorado mountain towns have also been wary. Continue reading

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Creating a new water normal in mountain towns

Breckenridge is among Colorado’s mountain towns looking to take measures to encourage more efficient use of water for outdoor lawn irrigation. “We have to walk the talk,” says Tim Gagen, the town manager. “We can’t just sit up here and say we have all the water, now we’ll use it.”

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High-flying at Whitefish Mountain Resort

Whitefish Mountain Resort got more aggressive after the resort’s ownership became private in 2006-2007. The new owners have invested heavily in both the winter and summer products. But it’s a somewhat different crowd than arrives for skiing and snow riding. Continue reading

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Summer use of ski areas

Oddly, given the motivation for expanded summer use of ski areas, the law signed by President Barack Obama makes no mention of alpine coasters, the amusement that Vail Resorts prefers to call a ForestFlyer. But Vail expects great things at Vail Mountain, Breckenridge and Heavenly — if nothing that equals the drew of sliding on snow as it expands summer ski areas use.
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Cannabis sales surge in Breckenridge

Based on sales of cannabis in January 2014, Breckenridge has a reasonable expectation of take in $1 million in tax revenues this year. Continue reading

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