I-70 at Bakerville

I-70 at Bakerville

I do not claim to be a great photographer. I’m a good photographer. To be a good photographer, you need two things: 1) a basic sense of composition; and 2) a camera. I nearly always have a camera with me, and when I was younger and robust physically, and before digital photogaphy made everything so easy, I used to carry two SLR camera bodies (mostly Nikon) and probably three lenses, even when backpacking. And so sometimes you get luck if you carry cameras around and suddenly, bounding around a bend in the road, you see something memorable. That’s how Ansel Adams found Moonrise over Hernandez. My more modest offering comes from Interstate 70 near Bakerville, about 50 miles west of Denver, on a spring afternoon just after a snow squall.

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