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Big year for wildlife overpasses in West

It’s been a big year for wildlife overpasses in the West, but the most ambitious project of them all may be at Snoqualmie Pass about an hour east of Seattle. Continue reading

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Problems and promises of biomass in Colorado

Can smaller, dispersed biomass plants help reduce Colorado’s threat of wildfire while also providing a lower-carbon source of distributed energy? Continue reading

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Vail and wildfire risk to homes

If potential for fire was always theoretically evident in Vail, first the bark beetle epidemic and then the fires along Colorado’s Front Range have made that potential less abstract.
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Mountain town statistics for 2013

Mountain resort towns of the West speak more or less the same language. And sometimes they have numbers that echo across valleys. Here are a few I gleaned during 2013. Continue reading

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Discerning climate change from normal variability

That’s the problem with this story of global warming. We crave simple lines of cause and effect, black and white, winners and losers. This story has nuance. It’s difficult to distill these uncertainties of giant risk in the distant future in a story about today’s weather or this summer’s corn crop. Continue reading

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Bracing for a water-short summer

As Colorado continues its second year of drought, Denver Water, the state’s largest provider of municipal water, takes additional steps to conserve supplies. Continue reading

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Studies in paleoclimatology in Rocky Mountains

Paleoclimatologist Bryan Shuman runs a paleoclimate and paleoecology lab at the University of Wyoming, where he and his students examine past climates and the vegetation and animals that inhabited those times. Our own times are interesting indeed, he says, with warming of temperatures rivaling those of when the glaciers rapidly receded in the Rocky Mountains 11,000 years ago. Continue reading

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Ho-hum ski season as severe drought enters second year

A second year of drought that is being described as the worst in recorded history in Colorado has ski slopes mostly uninspiring, reservoirs declining — and fire managers worrying. Continue reading

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