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Denver’s aquifers city’s next reservoir?

Denver continues to explore its subterranean aquifers to see if they can be used for storage as Colorado’s largest municipal water provide faces the uncertainties posed by climate change and population growth.
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Drought in Colorado River Basin best explained by temperatures

You must invoke temperature to explain the current Colorado River drought, says the Colorado Water institute’s Brad Udall about the intersection of water and global warming.

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Maurice Strong’s big ideas

Maurice Strong made a fortune in oil, put together the first climate change conference—and tried to pipe water from the San Luis Valley to Denver. Continue reading

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Using aquifers for water storage

Will aquifers be used more frequently for water storage as temperatures rise, accelerating evaporative loss from above-ground reservoirs? Continue reading

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Pinching the aquifer piggy banks

With our expansive pumping of aquifers in California, Colorado and elsewhere, we have been depleting resources created during geologic timescales in the course of human lifetimes.
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Purloining our groundwater savings accounts

Groundwater is being pumped at unsustainable rates across the United States. But solutions are not universal — and, in fact, some make the argument more well-pumping needs to be done along Colorado’s South Platte River. Continue reading

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