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Maurice Strong’s big ideas

Maurice Strong made a fortune in oil, put together the first climate change conference—and tried to pipe water from the San Luis Valley to Denver. Continue reading

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Harvest Festival parade a window into suburban sensibilities

The Saturday morning parade that highlights Arvada’s Harvest Festival was a two-hour window into suburban sensibilities in metropolitan Denver. There were marchers for presidential candidates, purple banners by a hard-core Republican, and lots of old cars and muscular new pickups. Continue reading

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Our energy of the future: flexible, decentralized, and diverse

Instead of energy-on-demand we’ll have energy-just-in-time is how one speaker in Denver described the energy system of the future. Others talked about different storage methods, more distributed energy, and greater diversity of sources. Continue reading

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Letting water flow down the Yampa to Lake Powell

irrigation at Colorado’s Carpenter Ranch along the Yampa River was suspended this year July 1, part of a pilot program in the Colorado River Basin intended to create greater flexibility in water in anticipation of drought. Continue reading

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Restoring train service to Winter Park

From 1940 to 2009, almost without interruption, trains delivered skiers from Denver to Winter Park. Following an experiment in March, Winter Park and Amtrak hope that Union Pacific will approve a permanent use of the tracks for weekend ski trains. Continue reading

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Purloining our groundwater savings accounts

Groundwater is being pumped at unsustainable rates across the United States. But solutions are not universal — and, in fact, some make the argument more well-pumping needs to be done along Colorado’s South Platte River. Continue reading

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Steamy times ahead in Colorado

Colorado has become hotter overall in the last several decades, and can expect to get at least 2 degrees warmer by mid-century. That makes Denver more like Pueblo. What else does it make? Continue reading

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Colorado’s conversation about conservation

A Colorado legislative interim committee took testimony about how the state might push deeper cuts in water use for towns and cities, while leaving local latitude about how to achieve goals. Continue reading

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Testimony at EPA hearings in Denver

Hundreds testified both for and against the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, but the most interesting came from those with their wagons hitched to fossil fuels. Continue reading

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Ron Lehr and the energy transition

At the meeting’s end, I asked Lehr what was the most interesting and perhaps exciting news in the world of renewable energy. Prices, he responded, have been falling rapidly, both for wind, but also for solar. In other words, these once expensive renewables are approaching and in some cases achieving parity with generation by fossil fuels. This suggests that adoption will accelerate. Continue reading

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