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Dark side of the moon and climate change

Science had predicted all this with precision. None of us gathered along the barbed wire fences in Nebraska had doubted it. But why so little faith in climate science? Continue reading

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Chasing ice and chasing climate solutions in Colorado

Local climate action or higher-level policy advocacy? It’s a familiar argument, and it came up at Aspen as the Compact of Colorado Communities was launched. Continue reading

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The slow, snowless start to ski season

Many ski areas in Colorado postponed opening until after Thanksgiving. Ski areas have overcome inherent variability in snow by investments in snowmaking. But conventional snowamking still requires cold temperatures.
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Existential threats in the Colorado River Basin

Not one thing explains the declining levels in Lake Mead, but one thing’s clear: another good snow year in the Rockies won’t solve the Colroado River problems.
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Why Carbondale’s carbon tax failed

Why voters left the C02 in Carbondale by Allen Best It wasn’t even close. Voters in Carbondale, one of the most progressive towns in Colorado said no, absolutely not, to a proposed carbon tax. The vote on April 5 was … Continue reading

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Which ski areas might actually win as a result of rising temperatures?

Rising temperatures and skiing Continue reading

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Lake Powell tied at the turbines to ski lifts

Upcoming studies seek to get a firmer grip on how much water can be developed in the Colorado River headwaters without imperiling production of electricity at Glen Canyon Dam.
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Drying out of the American Southwest

A new study finds reduced precipitation in the American Southwest in the last several decades to accompany rising temperatures. But the big picture of water remains to be painted.
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Colorado Climate Future Coalition being formed

Mountain town and counties have been among those solicited to join a new organization called the Colorado Climate Future Coalition. Organizers say the group would seek to create a collective voice for advocacy to advance the climate-action goals of local governments.
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Colorado’s vanishing glaciers

Colorado has few glaciers, and they’re small. Soon, they will likely vanish, report researchers after observing the decline of ice in Arikaree Glacier. Continue reading

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