Why no tutus in Jackson Hole’s Million Dollar Cowboy Bar?

What will it take to get guys in Jackson Hole to put on tutus?

JACKSON, Wyo. – The guys in Jackson Hole missed an opportunity to have a little fun last week. Maybe they were camping in the desert, biding their time until the snow has melted or at least transformed into the fine corn best harvested by spring skiing.

Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi told high school students that a man who wears a tutu to a bar “kind of asks for” a fight. Although he quickly apologized, his remark soon had men of a certain political persuasion in Wyoming showing up to classes, work, and all else in – well, you guessed it – tutus, the costume worn by ballerinas.

If Wyoming is known for its conservative politics, it has its libertarian and non-conformist bent, as well as a few precincts that vote liberal. One photo showed up of a man dressed in a purple tie, dark suit—and purple tutu standing next to the Michael B. Enzi Stem Facility on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie.

In Lander, home to the National Outdoor Leadership School, there was a full of line of people in tutus on the city’s main street outside a bar. “A tutu rebellion has erupted across communities in Wyoming, including Lander,” reported the County 10 website.

Where was Jackson Hole in all this? A no-show, it seems. Halloween is a big, big deal there, and in years past the Jackson Hole News&Guide has showed men glammed up in short dresses and what not.

But although the News&Guide was waiting for news to happen in its backyard, it did not. Nothing at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar or any other watering hole in Jackson.

“Nothing to report. We had our ears and eyes perked, and no tutus turned up,” reported editor Johanna Love.

But here’s another idea. Maybe the guys in Jackson Hole are too fashion conscious just to throw on any old tutu. Is North Face or Patagonia preparing to issue a line of tutus?


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