Colorado goes to pot

Colorado goes to pot

Last winter I spent considerable time sorting through the story of legalization of cannabis for recreational use around the United States, but especially in Colorado. This was an assignment for Planning Magazine, a publication of the American Planning Association. The story begins:

EUFLORA OPERATES in an upscale neighborhood of Aurora, Colorado’s third-largest city, selling goods that would be illegal in most other states. Customers must be 21, but no doctor’s prescription is required to buy the marijuana or, more precisely, the psychoactive constituent tetrahydrocan- nabinol. ¶You can buy the THC in beverages, chocolate bars, hard can- dies, tinctures, and balms. There’s also hashish and concentrate, the latter in the form of oil, wax, and shatter, which is 70 to 90 percent THC. You “dab” this concentrate onto a hot surface to inhale the vapor. Budtenders say a little dab will do you. ¶Unlike the “nickel” bags of the 1960s and ’70s, though, the contemporary products are explained in detail and the content of THC calibrated in milligrams. Start low and go slow, signs advise shoppers. See full story here: July 2015 Cannabis in Planning


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