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The murkiness of voluntary RECs

Credit Telluride with busting its butt to decarbonize municipal and eventually community functions. But did purchase of $18,250 worth of RECs from the Ridgway hydroelectric unit really achieve it? Continue reading

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Can cloud-seeding ride to the rescue?

Can’t technology save us from the hard edges of aridity in the American Southwest? In the case of cloud-seeding, the answer seems to be no, a well-funded and extensive experiment in Wyoming suggests. Continue reading

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Ghost signs

The “ghost signs” painted on old brick buildings to hawk products such as Coca-Cola and Snow Drift, an old laundry detergent have become treasured links to by-gone generations. Bozeman, Mont., has taken measures to make it easier to preserve them. Continue reading

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Rain chaser for intense Colorado runoff

If winter was so-so except for its exceptional heat, peak runoff in Colorado rivers last week was nonetheless a sight to behold. Continue reading

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The impasse at Wolf Creek

Colorado’s mountain landscape is littered with ski-related real-estate projects that have mostly been abandoned. The Village at Wolf Creek somehow keeps kicking on. Whether it should is another matter. Continue reading

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