Vail to offer organic skis, snowboards

Vail Resorts announces partnership to sell organic skis, snowboards

by Allen Better

Go to one of the 40 on-mountain restaurants at Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone and Heavenly, and you’ll be served natural and organic food.

Vail Resorts was the first in the ski industry to embrace the comprehensive natural and organic food initiative called Appetite for Life.

Just a corny guy

Just a corny guy

Now, it will be offering rental and sale of organic skis and snowboards. The company has announced a partnership with Corn Board Manufacturing, a Telluride-based company that plans to manufacture skis, snowboards, skateboards, surfboards and stand-up paddle boards under the brand Stalk It.

The company will  use the husks, leaves and stalks left behind in corn fields and compress this detritus, called corn stover, into wood-like boards.

In response to Vail’s desire to expand its organic offerings, the Telluride-based manufacturer will use only organically grown corn. This particular product line will be called Naturally Corny and will, alas, only be sold on April Fools’ Day.



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2 Responses to Vail to offer organic skis, snowboards

  1. Mike Casper says:

    Incredible! You have me going. Let’s see: the fib is the “naturally corny” name?

  2. Mary Bell Nyman says:

    That man standing in front of the corn could sell us anything! Loved it. I just could not find the lie!

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