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Vail’s ambivalence about I-70

I-70 has always been a mixed blessing for Vail, Colorado. Now comes a proposal for a sound wall on a portion of the highway, but not all residents think the reduced noise would be worth it. Continue reading

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Diverting the rot from Aspen

Food accounts for 40 percent of waste, as measured by weight, dumped into landfills nationally, and in Aspen and Pitkin County, diverting that waste into composting could extend the local landfill’s life and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Continue reading

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Snowmastodon’s past and our future

The Colorado town of Snowmass Village is trying to figure out what to do with its legacy of mastodons, mammoths and other extinct species unearthed from a reservoir site. This trove from the past is very much about our own species moving forward. Continue reading

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Bucking for the $5 million Georgetown University Energy Prize

With $5 million dangling in prize money, 50 U.S. communities — including some in mountain towns — are calculating how they can reduce energy use with strategies that can be adopted elsewhere and into the future. Continue reading

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Cheap oil gums up our political arguments

Most of us like cheap oil immensely, but it has gummed up our political arguments about Keystone pipeline, energy independence, and peak oil. Continue reading

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Fact or fiction on Selma story

The movie “Selma” mostly got it right but took some small but also big liberties in an attempt to create tension and drama. How much liberty is tolerable in storytelling? Continue reading

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The one-person town of Bonanza

Bonanza, located in south-central Colorado, has a population of just one. But the secretary of state has ruled that it remains a legally incorporated town, at least for now. Here’s the reasoning why.
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Exiled from Main Street in Breckenridge

Why did slightly counter-cultural Breckenridge boot cannabis off Main Street and into the “green-light district?” Most —but not all—other Colorado mountain towns have also been wary. Continue reading

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Telluride’s budding love of cannabis

Major tax revenues and virtually no problems during Telluride’s first year of retail cannabis sales. Continue reading

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