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Bill McKibben’s divesture campaign

Climate crusader Bill McKibben was in Denver this week to promote his new book and make the case f colleges to divest themselves from fossil fuels industries. Continue reading

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Gleaning lessons from floods

What did the Colorado floods of 2013 teach us? We have a hard time looking back, let alone looking into a future that probably doesn’t resemble the past. Continue reading

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Weather at the edges

Is the effect of global warming evident in our weather? Most of the time no, say climate scientists. But some say it can be detected in the extremes, as storms gain more punch. Continue reading

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Longevity and mountain towns

Mountain counties again crowd the top-10 lists for longevity, physical activity and low obesity. There’s no mystery in some of this. But the connection between thin air and good health is a little less clear. Continue reading

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Risk of thin air

New study from the Alps finds a heightened risk factor for men who ascend from low elevations to mountain destinations and immediately begin physical activity Continue reading

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Architecture 2030’s challenge

Energy use has flattened in the United States, but can it be greatly reduced? Ed Mazria and Architecture 2030 see giant opportunities in global buildings. Continue reading

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Colorado’s 2013 floods in context

Colorado’s 2013 floods may have been the result of a 1,000-year rain event, and in terms of sheer damage, this may be the most expensive flooding ever. But by other measuring sticks, the Big Thompson flood of 1976 was far worse.
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Dillon Dam and shouts in the past

Lead Denver lawyer Glenn Saunders was infuriated that Dillon Reservoir would not have senior storage rights. But the tunnel that carries that water to Denver bears the name of a lawyer with a gentler approach. Continue reading

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Basalt’s small hydro

Basalt, Colo., retrofitted its water system to produce electricity, but the federal permitting process wasn’t easy.
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Making small hydro easier

Two new laws make it easier for existing dams, irrigation canals and city water mains to be retrofitted for hydroelectric production. In the West, that could add up.
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