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T. Boone Pickens and the land of energy plenty

You’re going to have to deal with natural gas for 100 years,” said energy billionaire T. Boone Pickens at the American Renewable Energy Day conference in Aspen. Continue reading

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Razor’s edge on the Colorado River

News of reduced releases from Lake Powell downstream was not surprising. Water experts for years have warned with growing alarm of the razor’s edge between supply and demand. Bull’s eye is Las Vegas, whose chief water manager, Pat Mulroy, continues to call for new ways of looking at water in the West. Continue reading

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Aspen’s troubled hydroelectric project

Spurred by climate change, Aspen planned to recreate its original hydroelectric plant and shrink its carbon footprint. Now, the turbines sit in storage. Continue reading

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Colorado environmental benefits of electric cars

Electric cars remain scarce in Colorado, but governments and advocacy groups have been installing charging stations in anticipation of rapid growth in sales. Electric cars, they say, can reduce ground-level ozone, dependency on foreign energy sources, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Continue reading

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Discerning climate change from normal variability

That’s the problem with this story of global warming. We crave simple lines of cause and effect, black and white, winners and losers. This story has nuance. It’s difficult to distill these uncertainties of giant risk in the distant future in a story about today’s weather or this summer’s corn crop. Continue reading

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