Mountains, living and dying

Putting yourself in front of

the barrel of backcountry risk

Reflecting on the deaths of two more victims of avalanches in the local mountains of Jackson Hole, Molly Absolon probes  between what we know and how we act. Many, if not most, avalanche victims are knowledgeable about the risks but go ahead despite those risks. Why?

“We take solace in saying our friends who die on the mountains were doing what they love, and it’s true to a degree. I love backcountry skiing. I love the feeling of floating through untracked powder… I gather Liza and Nick also loved backcountry skiing, but did they love it enough to die doing it? I don’t know. I would guess that when they went out to ski that fateful day, dying was not on their minds.”

A good read, one of the best on this subject that I’ve read. See “Playing Russian roulette in the mountains” at the Jackson Hole News&Guide website.



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